The new normal is coming in the second half of 2021 and 2022 and our clients and prospects are revenue focused and need a strategic partner to execute on this new vision.

When the pandemic occurred, our clients and prospects prioritized ensuring their customer base was supported with empathy and a great experience, resulting in a de-prioritization of sales. Customer Cost-To-Acquire (Customer Acquisition Cost) will only increase from here, as self-help channels reduce many traditional selling touchpoints. As we ramp up to the new normal, the way you sell will be different: door-to-door sales has been replaced by a Zoom or Teams video sales force.

At S&P Data Digital, we help you stay above the competition with our modern, unique Acquisition approach:

  • Professional video-enabled sales personnel that can deploy ‘just in time’ to meet your scale needs.
  • Optimize your marketing with our last-mile multichannel cradle-to-grave yield maximization strategies.
  • Accelerate your time-to-money with our data-enriched managed lead lists (RaaSIQTM)
    Maximize your sales and onboarding process with our Registration+Utilization products that drive yield on your marketing dollar by capturing abandoned and pending customers.
  • Proven track record of achieving organic growth and successfully adding new solutions to improve customer profitability.

S&P Data Digital differentiates itself from our competitors with our unique sales skill sets.
After all, OUR DNA IS SALES.


The S&P Data Digital team uses premier technology combined with expertise to deepen existing relationships and build new customers for our clients. Decades of experience across multiple industries – including fintech, technology, telecom, personal care, and small business sales – gives us a unique understanding of your market and becomes part of the secret sauce to incredible revenue performance.

The result? Strategic insight that puts you levels above your competitors. Simply put, we help you acquire new clients, retain them, and grow.

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Leverage our Ai Recruiting system to access the best talent with the fastest ramp to revenue.



Cut training time in half with our hands-on HALO model.



Scale while remaining secure with our Secure Remote Worker solution.

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