I need skilled sales personnel, I do not want customer care associates.

S&P Data Digital specializes in the revenue side of transactions, and we believe that retention is a sales operation. An increasing number of clients are demanding Retention programs meet sales KPIs, and customers with more products are stickier.

At S&P Data Digital, we understand that retaining customers is five times less costly than acquiring new ones. Our 360 degree digital and tactical treatments provide our customers with several unique advantages:

  • Turn churn into a revenue centre with results-driven and highly-skilled and trained senior sales personnel, together with augmented digital tools and techniques.
  • Reduce risk and secure incremental revenue by leveraging early-warning signals to proactively drive retention opportunities.
  • Supplement with technology / our data co-op partnership and our RaaSIQTM capability, which allows us to determine the potential flight risk of an existing customer based on their shopping behavior.


The S&P Data Digital team uses premier technology combined with expertise to deepen existing relationships and build new customers for our clients. Decades of experience across multiple industries – including fintech, technology, telecom, personal care, and small business sales – gives us a unique understanding of your market and becomes part of the secret sauce to incredible revenue performance.

The result? Strategic insight that puts you levels above your competitors. Simply put, we help you acquire new clients, retain them, and grow.

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