S&P Data Digital has been a leading partner… Servicing our customers and ensuring they have the right products for their business, covering the accounts, or offering sales support via a well-trained video sales force.

The new normal has caused a fundamental change in how people and companies buy, and how they conduct their day-to-day affairs or business. While E-commerce accelerated direct buying, it also taxed many of our clients and customers’ service levels, resulting in long waits for customers with buying needs, and lost revenue opportunities.

Compelling market dynamics and strong secular tailwinds make the S&P Data Digital Account Management service offering a cutting-edge tool for expanding the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers.

Our strategies are designed by innovative, founder-led thinking that creates nimble, measurable results. S&P Data Digital is the management solution you need:

  • Drive revenue from existing customers with low CAC/CTA supported by timely, scaleable and consistent contact strategies leveraging your product’s unique value proposition.
  • Increase scale and flexibility with a highly-skilled video sales team representing your brand.
  • Close gaps in the customer lifecycle with augmented digital technology.

Watch what we did for one of Canada’s biggest communication companies.


The S&P Data Digital team uses premier technology combined with expertise to deepen existing relationships and build new customers for our clients. Decades of experience across multiple industries – including fintech, technology, telecom, personal care, and small business sales – gives us a unique understanding of your market and becomes part of the secret sauce to incredible revenue performance.

The result? Strategic insight that puts you levels above your competitors. Simply put, we help you acquire new clients, retain them, and grow.

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Cut training time in half with our hands-on HALO model.



Scale while remaining secure with our Secure Remote Worker solution.

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