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Our team has 20+ years of experience in Fintech Sales the Finance sectors. We understand the profitability model, rising customer acquisition costs, and customer attrition and churn challenges.


Our proprietary technology can identify new customers during their buying cycle and deliver them to you. We grow your revenue leaving more time for you to continue to develop the differentiating technology that sets you apart from your competition.

SP Data Digital’s tradition of execution and value-add partnerships began with a deep history with many of the world’s leading financial brands across banking, cards, insurance, and lending, both in business and consumer segments. Our specialty has always been around revenue: Acquisition, Base Management, Retention, Winback. SP Data Digital has been on the leading edge of the rapid change in how businesses and consumers desire to be served that culminated in the rise of FinTech. Our goal is to optimize the revenue yield of marketing and sales efforts, and we do that with flexibility, speed, and experience, augmented with technology targeted at the ‘last mile’ of the customer experience and our expert sales team. We would enjoy driving growth for your firm operating in these verticals.

Dan Plashkes, CEO SP Data Digital

Sales Support Case Study:

SMB Loan Cold Call Lead Generation

Our client is a small business lender with annual gross revenue of $158 million whose IPO was 15 times its book value, which shows the potential for their expected growth in the market.

The client needed assistance in driving additional small to medium business loans and line of credit volume to their existing team. Part of their strategy was to test internal and external lead generation teams.

SP Data Digital partnered to provide outbound calls to prospects to introduce the program, pre-qualify the customer, and generate interest in the products offered and pass the lead on to them to complete the application and underwrite the loan.

Our Fintech Sales Solution

  • SP Data Digital launched an outbound cold call loan and line of credit origination program, while also completing a full integration with their CRM.
  • Our team leveraged proactive list sources, a segmentation and time of day contact strategy.
  • Phase 1 – SP Data Digital conducted discovery and qualification, and passed hot leads on to our clients’ loan officers via integration.
  • Phase 2 – SP Data Digital associates completed and submitted loan applications directly to loan adjudicators, resulting in a streamlined process with fewer touchpoints and higher conversion.

Connects & Conversion


  • Our client expected a 10% lead to transfer rate, SP Data Digital started with a 14.55% conversion rate the first week of production and had increased to over 16% within the first 30 days.
  • SP Data Digital was able to identify and reach more decision makers leveraging key dialing strategies. Based on SP Data Digital’s performance in the first 120 days, our program more than doubled in terms of headcount.
  • Our Phase 2 approach improved conversion by more than 50% within 30 days of implementation.

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