Why You Shouldn’t Outsource Customer Service for Cable Companies

What is the primary reason companies are always looking to save money on customer service calls? Plain and simple—they don’t generate revenue. Outsourcing customer service for telecom companies will only bring added costs. Companies with cable and telecommunications call centers that take a traditional “customer care” or “customer service” approach often find their customers frustrated by the one-dimensional service provided by the customer care representatives.

Instead of deploying a telecommunications call center whose only goal is to close tickets, a more valuable solution is sales support. Sales support equips your company with trained sales representatives who bring value to your organization by strengthening customer relationships to retain them long-term. This is an optimal solution to help you upsell and cross-sell new products/services to your existing customer base.

Why Outsourcing Customer Service for Cable & Telecom Doesn’t Work

Closing tickets won’t grow your bottom line. With telecom outsourcing, a customer service representative’s main goal is to close tickets. With that in mind, simply resolving customer complaints through a care-oriented approach will not build your revenue. Often, telecom outsourced customer service is streamlined to one particular call flow that does not factor in each customer’s unique attributes and circumstances. Calls like these lead to dull and subpar conversations, with complaints/issues that may not be resolved after the first call. This is largely due to the lack of sales training and overall lack of product/ service, industry, and brand knowledge among associates.

Why Sales Support Programs Can Solve What Customer Service Can’t

The Cable industry is a high churn environment:

Customers lack loyalty to their cable provider and will happily switch companies to get an entry deal. Everytime a customer calls in to speak with customer service, it is an opportunity to save them. This involves resolving the initial issue or complaint plus reselling the company’s value to the customer—only one of which customer care agents can accomplish. Highly skilled sales personnel are able to do both, and additionally turn what started out as a negative customer experience into a revenue generating call. These inbound calls from happy and unhappy customers are critically important to your company’s growth. By leveraging a service to sales approach through a sales support program, providers can retain their customers, keep them happy, and continue to generate profits in an industry where cancellation rates remain threateningly high/where the threat of cancellation is high.

Cable is bleeding customers to Connected TV and Streaming Services

More and more cable customers are switching to streaming services as a low cost, on-demand alternative. As a result, traditional cable companies are losing once loyal video subscribers and additionally struggling to acquire new customers as younger generations are opting out of cable. This alone makes interactions between cable providers and customers even more important to cross sell and upsell other services as well as maintain a competitive edge against the dominating streaming services. Sales personnel have been trained to handle objections with the utmost of care and consideration, while completing in-depth discovery during calls to find revenue generating opportunities even on a care or cost call.

Sales Support is the Best Solution for Cable & Telecom

The modern approach to customer service and customer care telecom outsourcing is sales support. Sales support goes above and beyond just answering client phone calls, giving you a richer product offering. Customer care associates are replaced by trained sales representatives.

S&P Data Digital’s sales support team develops programs that assist you in acquiring prospects, retargeting (omnichannel), onboarding employees, acquiring and retaining customers, and growing your business. We transform prospects and VIPs into happy and profitable customers, bringing you the results you deserve from your multi-channel advertising spend.

How S&P Provides Cable & Telecom Sales Support

The sales support offered by S&P Data Digital encompasses four services, all aimed at helping you retain customers and deepen existing relationships:


Selling in the post-COVID world has drastically changed. Video sales force has taken the place of door-to-door sales. With fewer traditional selling touchpoints, we employ innovative acquisition strategies and tactics:

Screen-to-screen sales professionals that can be turned up to match your call volumes and scale needs
With our Registration+Utilization products, you can increase yield on your marketing dollar by capturing pending and abandoned customers
Optimize your marketing spend by driving addition yield through the use of multi channel and digital first retargeting and engagement
Proven track record in successfully adding new solutions to improve customer profitability while achieving organic growth
With our data-enriched lead lists (RaaSIQ™), you can increase your time-to-money faster

Base Management

A fundamental change has occurred in how people and organizations buy due to the new normal. Strong secular tailwinds and captivating market dynamics have made the S&P Data Digital Account Management service a compelling choice for expanding the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers. We devise our strategies by relying on modern, founder-led thinking that delivers nimble, measurable results. S&P Data Digital is the management solution you need to:

Drive revenue at a low CAC/CTA from your existing customer base through tailored contact strategies and outreach messages that accentuate your product’s unique value proposition
Expand your reach and flexibility with an expert video sales team that represents your brand
Leverage our CASH model to apply different omnichannel/digital outreach strategies based on customer segmentation
Leveraging augmented digital technology, close gaps in your customer lifecycle to enhance the journey


Retention is a sales operation that is five times less costly than acquisition. Our all encompassing digital and strategic approach provide our customer with several exclusive benefits:

Turn costs into a source of revenue with our highly equipped, determined, and trained senior sales personnel, alongside innovative digital tools and techniques
Leverage early-warning signals to proactively drive retention opportunities to ultimately lower risk and capture/acquire incremental revenue
Proactively manage and watch your customer base through our proprietary technology, data co-op partnership, and our RaaSIQ™ solution, which allows us to monitor and flag potential signs of customer churn within your existing base and proactively retain those customers

Win Back

Retaining every single customer is impossible, but implementing successful Win Back strategies alongside the right sales support, will save you. We win back the defected customer and maximize yield through timely and scalable actions by utilizing a combination of:

Stationing expertly-trained senior sales personnel
Leveraging strong salesmanship
Enhancing digitals tools and scalable techniques
Providing top-ranking training techniques (including empathy) to our employees
Crafting a compelling offer
S&P Data Digital Win Back has become a key acquisition channel for our clients

S&P Data Digital Service to Sales Case Study

Five years ago, cable and telecom customers would have had to call in to pay a bill, giving sales teams the opportunity to have conversations, conduct discovery, and right size customers’ packages. But with the digital shift, customers are becoming more self-sufficient through mobile apps and self-service tools, allowing them to pay their bills online without having to speak with anyone at the company. As this digital phenomenon continues, it is becoming harder and harder to get the phone to ring. With the phone ringing less and less, customer calls have become scarce, and present a valuable opportunity for revenue generation.


With growing customer care costs, each customer call for our client meant more spend. Further, many customers were still on outdated products and services that were costly to operate and did not provide consistent quality or value in an era of rapid change for cable and telecom services.


S&P Data Digital used the following strategy to transform a traditional cost center into a revenue generating division for our client while boosting NPS and FCR:

We developed a recruiting strategy targeting candidate profiles with experience in both sales and service.
Leveraging our sales expertise, we established a custom training program centered around call flow designed specifically to drive high NPS and conversion rates.
Our call flow focused on service first with call center representatives working to resolve customer issues at the forefront, then layering in discovery during the resolution phase to identify revenue-generating opportunities; hence our Service to Sales model.
Following discovery, representatives would make a low pressure and natural transition into a sales conversation based on the customer’s stated needs.
Further, we sub segmented inbound calls and stack ranked them, matching customer profiles with the most suitable team depending on profile information, and allocating the most opportune customers to our best sales people.


Over the 7+ year run of this program, S&P consistently exceeded the 3.5% conversion target, for an average conversion of 4.3%. Having adopted our strategy and seen tremendous success, our client implemented it as a standard across all internal teams and vendor partners.

Ready to provide the best Cable & Telecom sales support?

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