Why You Should Not Outsource Customer Service For Security Companies

With the pandemic driving many back into their homes, the security and home automation sector has seen rapid growth. Integrated appliances, home improvement, and security spend have gone up as consumers look to invest in the place they spend the majority of their time in—their home. With growing demand, security and home automation companies will need to ensure they have a strong team of professionals who can handle inbound requests, provide support, resolve complaints, and make sales. Outsourcing customer service for security companies is an added cost that is unsustainable.

Why Outsourcing Customer Service for Security & Home Automation Doesn’t Work

Lack of Product Knowledge and Selling Capabilities

Outsourcing customer service for security companies is a mistake. The security & home automation industry involves specialized products, requiring specialized knowledge and expertise. This requires associates to inform and advise customers throughout their journey from original discovery all the way to purchase decisions. Associates need to be knowledgeable on the industry and ever-changing technologies. From a care perspective, customer service often follows a cookie-cutter approach in which associates focus on care. They often use scripts and provide the same one-dimensional service to each and every customer. The S&P Data Digital approach takes highly trained sales personnel, who know the industry in-and-out, and who can bring a sales approach to customer care. Our teams are equipped with selling strategies and techniques which enable them to resolve customer complaints and answer inquiries, and then seamlessly transition into a sales conversation in which revenue can be generated. This means our sales personnel pay for themselves.

High Demand, Objection Handling

Security and home automation products are in high demand. Consequently, some companies might be experiencing back logs and low product supply. This leaves room for rejected prospects and unsatisfied customers. Unlike customer service associates, our expert sales associates are able to guide customers to the right purchase if the initial product is not available. They resolve and offer alternative courses of action rather than allowing prospects to drop off.

How S&P Provides Security Sales Support

S&P Data Digital offers four key services designed to help you retain clients and deepen existing relationships:


COVID changed the face of sales forever. Direct door-to-door selling has been replaced by video sales. We apply innovative acquisition strategies and tactics with fewer traditional touch points:

A screen-to-screen sales team that meets your call volume requirements
Getting the most out of your marketing dollar can be challenging, but we offer a variety of solutions such as Registration + Utilization products to help you capture pending and abandoned customers
Retargeting and engagement through a digital-first approach to increase marketing return
Enhancing profitability for clients and introducing new solutions to increase organic growth
We can quickly multiply your time-to-money through our data-enhanced lead lists (RaaSIQ™)

Base Management

Fundamental changes have taken place in the way individuals and organizations buy. S&P Data Digital Account Management is a compelling pick for maximizing the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your customers because of market dynamics and secular tailwinds. By leveraging our founder-led perspective, we can develop nimble, measurable strategies. S&P Data Digital offers you the management tools you need to:

Utilize individualized outreach and contact strategies that highlight the unique benefits of your product to grow revenue from your existing customers at a low CAC/CTA
Enhance the customer journey by using augmented and digital technology to strengthen customer relationships and close gaps within the customer lifecycle
Expand your scope and flexibility by partnering with a video sales team that represents your brand
Utilizing our CASH model, we are able to generate various digital and omnichannel outreach strategies for segmented customers


It is five times less expensive to retain customers than to acquire new ones. Our all-inclusive digital and strategic approach provides our customers with several benefits:

With our qualified, determined, and trained sales staff and our cutting-edge digital technologies, we can turn your company’s costs into revenue
Early warning signals can be used to pinpoint retention opportunities, which lower risk and increase revenue
By using our proprietary technology, data co-op partnerships, and RaaSIQ solution which allows us to manage and watch your customer base proactively, we can monitor and flag potential signs of customer churn within an existing base and proactively retain those customers

Win Back

Win Back strategies and the right sales support can help you retain customers, even if you can’t keep them all. Our team recovers defected customers and maximizes yield through timely, scalable actions such as:

Recruiting top-notch sales personnel
Training employees with top-tier techniques (including empathy)
Developing digital tools and scaling techniques
We have seen a significant increase in acquisitions through this channel for our clients
Developing a strong offer
Industry-specific case study
Using strong salesmanship
Call to action

S&P Data Digital Security & Home Automation Program Case Study

Through a multi year partnership with our client, the largest provider in North America, S&P Data Digital has doubled its footprint. We are currently the number 1 vendor out-performing internal teams at 160% to unit attainment in 2021 supporting traditional home security systems. We have produced record breaking results by helping and assisting our client in developing and executing a number of programs/initiatives, including providing 3 of our core services: Acquisition, Retention, and Winback.

Acquisition & DIY Acquisition

Our team developed blended omnichannel programs to drive revenue for our client. In 2021, our program saw 100% meritocracy-based growth. Along with standing up multiple revenue generating programs for our client, S&P engaged in DIY acquisition in which we were able to increase full-time headcount by 90% with month over month goal attainment at 115%, outperforming internal counterparts.


Our client asked us to devise a plan to support their Care objectives. We assembled a team whose efforts have yielded 900% headcount growth in 2021. Within 90 days, we rose to become the number one performing vendor exceeding internal teams’ performance and are continuing to add additional call types.

Retention & Chase Programs

We developed our client’s outbound presence with multiple retention and chase programs to avoid POS losses, retain, and re-secure subscribers. Through this we scaled 200+ FTE becoming our client’s exclusive OBTM partner.


Since scaling up, we now respond to submitted web forms within the first five minutes 95% of the time. Additionally, we increased new customer web form conversion by 150%, penetrating lead lists by 300%, allowing for a higher contact rate and increased yield.

Through S&P Data Digital’s ability to not only sell, but retain and winback, our client was able to exceed their target numbers. Over our multi-year partnership, we have continued to support staffing performance solutions and remain the partner of choice.

Ready to provide the best Security sales support?

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