What is RaaSIQ aka Revenue as a Service?

First let’s dispel what it is not, a myth.

OK, that was easy. Now let’s discover the logic behind it. About 90% of shoppers begin their search online. Window shopping is a past time. The here & now is online and has been for some time. RaaSIQ™ is a hybrid service of proprietary Ai technology and a human component. This union of artificial and reality is intentional. Humans make mistakes and so does technology. To solve for this, we blended a human to interpret, validate, and deliver on the technologically produced data because its accuracy is almost foolproof. S&P Data Digital will take crazy intelligent data, validate it, and deliver a ready to purchase customer, on-demand.

Let’s apply this logic to two ubiquitous business scenario.

For decades organizations that sell a product or service at scale have worked off lead lists. These lists data are stagnant, recycled & outdated. Financially they’re expensive and emotionally they’re frustrating. There really hasn’t been an evolution to replace lead lists. Sure, the data is better for some contacts yet invariably, the data is as ripe as it was at the time of harvest. So basically, any true evolution has been nominal, until now.

The alternate scenario is that businesses employ Ad Tech to help advertise their products and services online in a broad stroke fashion. Here’s Dr. Fou’s* explanation from Forbes:

“Ad tech targeting parameters are all inferred from the behavior of anonymous users. Most people visit web pages without being logged in. Users rarely give sites their personal information and have never given permission to the ad tech trackers loaded on the pages to harvest their data. So ad tech data brokers have to infer “who they are” and “what they like” based on what sites they visited and what web pages they looked at. In the simplest of cases, this might be good enough — e.g. if a user visited Sports Illustrated, ESPN, NFL.com, etc. it is likely the user is male; if a user visited Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, Tampax, etc. it is likely the user is female. But what do you infer when the user visits New York Times, VisitGrandCanyon.com, Walmart.com, etc.? Whatever is inferred is a guess at best. And the accuracy of the data goes downhill from there.”

What if now those same organizations were delivered a white-hot lead, ad-hoc while that client is still in the buying cycle? Eureka, a sale occurs! We can target a single customer at the apex of the buying cycle right before they purchase from a competitor… as fresh as a lead could ever be. That’s what RaaSIQ™ does. Yep, we can determine from people’s online habits what they want, we anticipate when they’ll buy and none of it is from cookies. Remember its proprietary so unfortunately, we cannot share our secret sauce. This is a truly revolutionary technology-service union that S&P Data Digital is pleased to deploy for companies seeking explosive growth and the marketing budget to support it.

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*Why is Ad Tech Marketing So Bad – https://www.forbes.com/sites/augustinefou/2021/05/05/why-is-ad-tech-targeting-so-bad/?sh=52a8f99f7212

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