My Internship Experience


Most students hope that at the very least, their internship allows them to gain some experience—positive or negative—that they can learn from and apply to their future positions and/or career. You’ll commonly hear students say things like, “I hope to gain valuable skills and experience in a professional working environment” or, “I’m excited to apply the skills and knowledge I’ve learned in school to make an impact.” As a student with no previous internship experience, these were precisely my thoughts and expectations going into my internship with S&P Data Digital.

Fast forward to 3 months later…

My experience as a marketing intern at S&P Data Digital has been overwhelmingly positive and I feel fortunate to have landed this opportunity. Myself and several other students have joined the S&P Data Digital team for the Summer as the company’s first ever group of interns!

Even though my position has largely been remote due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve felt welcomed and very supported by everyone in the company. Within the first days of joining the team, what stood out to me most was the diverse and inclusive culture at S&P Data Digital as well as the incredible support I received, partly consisting of morning kickoffs with the team, daily check-ins, and end of day calls to discuss my progress.

Apart from the outpour of support, exposure was another aspect that blew my expectations out of the water. Within weeks of starting as an intern at S&P Data Digital, I gained exposure to multiple high-level executives, including the CEO, Dan Plashkes, and the COO, David Borts. Additionally, I was able to assist with presentation decks going out to major clients. These were very surreal experiences that have made me feel a lot closer to the company in my short time with S&P Data Digital.

I vividly remember during my onboarding, my supervisor and the Director of Revenue Enablement, Karliegh Heatley, told me,

“At S&P Data Digital, the only constant is change,”

and this quickly proved to be true as I began working and the weeks rolled by. The fast paced nature of S&P Data Digital has been exhilarating—there’s always something to do. From graphic design/branding, to content creation, to marketing research, I’ve been able to get creative and wear multiple hats, gaining knowledge and experience in different areas of marketing.

What was your most memorable experience?

Once COVID-19 restrictions had loosened, Myself and the other Canadian interns had the opportunity of participating in a few on-site days at the Toronto office. This was an incredibly memorable experience as I got to meet some of the team in person.

While S&P Data Digital is business focused, on our first day in office, our CEO Dan Plashkes took the time to ensure that all of the interns felt welcome and got to know the team closely. The afternoon was filled with laughs and lunch, it was unlike any other experience I’ve had—imagine sitting in a boardroom among fellow interns, employees, executives, and the C-suite! Being able to share one space where every level of the company can come together is unique and often unheard of, especially in larger companies, which is why S&P Data Digital is so special.

What have you learned and accomplished?

Within graphic design, I’ve learned to use the tool, Canva, to create and compile graphics and presentations including reworking S&P Data Digital’s old decks to match their updated branding. I’ve also had the opportunity of working on strategic content and presentations going out to fortune 50 companies. Additionally, I’ve participated in social media efforts through the creation of content for S&P Data Digital’s TikTok channel on an ongoing basis. Throughout my internship, I’ve done quite a bit of marketing research in the form of mystery shopping and qualifying leads to develop a database of prospective companies to target and creating captivating slides to showcase my research. Having the opportunity to present my findings has allowed me to practice multiple times and develop greater confidence and comfort in presenting my work to superiors within a professional workplace setting.

More recently, I’ve supported Steven, a fellow intern, working under Brian Cato, the President of S&P Data Digital, with help in standing up our insurance program, a new division for S&P. I was also granted the privilege of viewing S&P Data Digital’s new website design in its pre-launch stages and completed a website analysis with my recommendations. Opportunities like these have made me feel valued as an intern, strengthening my connection to S&P Data Digital.

Speaking of opportunities… I am currently assisting in the roll out of content for S&P Data Digital’s new blog, for which I was able to work on and write the first ever blog post—a very special accomplishment for me!

As an intern at S&P Data Digital, I’ve been able to dip my toes into different areas of the business as well as dive into others. My position has allowed me to explore the creative side of marketing—something I’ve always wished to do—including graphic design, branding, and content creation, as well as research-based projects such as mystery shops. Along with the support and exposure I’ve received thus far, the consistent, valuable feedback has been an encouraging force driving me to continually improve and grow during my time with S&P Data Digital.

In my final month with S&P Data Digital, I hope to accomplish more than I’ve done within the past three months (if that’s remotely possible) and continue to explore different aspects of the business in relation to the field marketing. My time with S&P Data Digital has more than exceeded my expectations; not only have I gained general experience within the field marketing, but I have also gained lots of industry specific knowledge within the contact center space, as well as many of the industry verticals S&P Data Digital operates in. I am excited for S&P Data Digital’s future, and proud knowing that I’ve left my fingerprint on the company.

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